At ESDB, we strive to simplify the complex design & construction process through project planning, design and implementation. We also strive to do it in a way that is friendly to the planet and its inhabitants. Whether you are looking for a custom-designed piece of furniture, a commercial building rehab, or a new home, we have the tools and motivation to deliver. By trusting us to take care of the details, our clients can focus on what they do best, managing their home or business.

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At East Spruce, great care and pride are taken to highlight the best qualities of existing buildings or difficult sites. We view sustainability as a way to SAVE: time, money, resources, energy…not an added feature.

Through sustainable and responsible architecture and construction practices, we aim to instill the qualities of a sustainable lifestyle in our clients. It is not enough to simply design a building that meets criteria for a green label.  True sustainability comes in a building’s operation, and a net positive carbon footprint over its lifetime.  Our buildings can and SHOULD improve our environment, not destroy it.